This website collects links to most of my writing, and full-text whenever possible. (You might notice that I’m writing this in the first person, but if you’re curious to see how I write about myself in the third person, head over to the “about” page.) There’s information about two of the books I’ve written; one is about Jews and obscenity, and the other is a readers’ guide to American Jewish fiction. You can read what I’ve written for the publications listed below (or browse my articles and reviews by date, or all of them in order); plus there’s this collection of links to the weekly column I wrote for TabletThere’s also a page listing my peer-reviewed articles, with some links, as well as short stories I’ve published, and occasionally updated information about my public appearances. Please send me an email or tweet at me if you’d like to discuss something I’ve written, or if you want to invite me to speak at your institution or in your community.

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